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I got it from my lola.

It’s the 7th of July and hours from now, we are going to have a party for my lola because it was her birthday last July 5. We didn’t have it back then because all of us (her grandchildren) were either in school or at work, so we couldn’t celebrate it then.

Here’s a post in honor of my lola.

Nanay with her grandchildren. July 5, 2012.
Night of July 5 2012.

Because of my lola,

  1. I eat more veggies.
  2. I look forward to going home for I know there’s a lovely dinner waiting for me.
  3. I own a lot of lotions, powders and deodorants. (haha.)
  4. I have bread to eat every time I come home from school.
  5. I miss putting sampaguita in my bath water.
  6. I like yema and sampaloc
  7. I love our province (Tiwi, Albay).
  8. I can speak Bicolano.
  9. I eat pili, biko and suman.
  10. I love taho and kutchinta.
  11. I don’t sleep in.
  12. I always remember that I have a class.
  13. I look forward to eating maruya during merienda.
  14. I am excited for champorado during a rainy day.
  15. I prefer homemade banana chips.
  16. I have someone waiting for me when I’m the last one eating at the dinner table.
  17. I love sleeping early.
  18. I am nicer to my younger cousins.
  19. I never forget my umbrella.
  20. I understand the importance of watching the news, especially during rainy days.
  21. I make sure that everything must be in order.
  22. I do not watch TV and use the computer excessively.
  23. I do not miss out on what happened in primetime TV.
  24. I value breakfast.
  25. I always have something good to eat at breakfast.
  26. I value coming home early.
  27. I always have food waiting for me if I come home past dinner.
  28. I realize the importance of knowing how to cook when I have my own family already. (but I still don’t know how to cook)
  29. I don’t have to worry about torn clothes and missing buttons.
  30. I never forget to respect those older than me.
  31. I learned to respect someone who’s talking to somebody on the phone.
  32. I make sure I finish my food every time. No leftovers, because lots of people worked hard just so I could eat.
  33. I am (obsessively) taken care of when I am sick.
  34. I am exempted from doing house work when I am sick.
  35. I get free massages when some part of my body aches.
  36. I have someone to encourage me when I’m having a hard time with my course, even though she doesn’t understand what I’m studying about.
  37. I have someone who believes that I will be a great lawyer.
  38. I have someone to hug when I’m nanggigigil.
  39. I know that I am good at singing.
  40. I learned that you can say what you mean and mean what you say, but you don’t have to say it in a mean way.
  41. I am careful with the way I interact with guys.
  42. I don’t quarrel with my siblings (that often and in public. haha).
  43. I throw less tantrums.
  44. I saw a wonderful example of how a wife loves her husband.
  45. I am convinced that I shouldn’t be treated like crap by men.
  46. I know that I am beautiful.
  47. I know the importance of honoring and obeying my parents.
  48. I learned to complain less and appreciate more.
  49. I appreciate our family even more.
  50. I learn to value life more.

Thank you, Nanay, because you’re not difficult to honor. Thank you for being a mother to us, especially during the times when mom had to go to work. Thank you for all the times you had to scold me, because I know it will be for my own good. Thank you for your constant nagging, because now, I realize that what you’re saying is true. Thank you for telling me that padaba mo ako. Thank you for buying me things that I don’t even ask for. Thank you for understanding how difficult my course can get, and encouraging me that I will conquer because you know I’m great. Thank you for staying up late with me whenever I need to finish a paper. Thank you for teaching me how to sew, how to cook, how to do the laundry, how to wash the dishes, how to iron clothes and how to clean the house. Thank you for always telling me that I am beautiful, even more beautiful than you. Thank you for always telling me that I killed the song that I sang in the karaoke machine. Thank you for loving Ate, Kuya, Ton and me, for always focusing on what’s good for us. Thank you for loving Mommy as your own. Thank you for being an awesome mom to Papa. Thank you for being an amazing wife to Tatay. Thank you for teaching us the value of prayer. Thank you for being the best lola anyone could ever have. Happy Birthday! You are a great lola and I wish I can be as great! 🙂

Nanay holding her Mother’s Day 2012 gift.

Padaba din kita, Nanay. 🙂

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Post birthday

Written on the 15th of October, 2011.

I really don’t know how to start this post.

I wouldn’t really want to go all artistic about this and just write “Most.awesome.birthday.EVER.” in the middle of this post. I wouldn’t want to blab and blab either, because no matter how many words I type, all those will just be an understatement of how thankful I was (and still am).

So I’m just going to begin with narrating highlights of how awesome God’s surprises are ever year for my birthday.

10. I was able to try new things (read: FOOD) that I now ABSOLUTELY love. Sonja’s cupcakes and cakes from Chocolate Kiss are TO DIE FOR.

9. Like the previous years, my birthday this year was more of a birthWEEK. I had literally had a week-long celebration, from the 13th of September up to the 24th. I had so much fun celebrating on different days with the people that I love dearly.

Surprise dinner with my two Ates

8.  Days before my actual birthday, our school Chancellor announced that afternoon classes in school will be suspended.

7. Then, on the day of my birthday, everything I’ve read in the Bible was a love song. Morning palang, God made my special day extra special already.

6. When I arrived at school, the weather was PERFECT. The sun wasn’t shining so bright so it wasn’t really hot. It was the right kind of windy but with less dark clouds. The trees were lovelier. I don’t know, think Pride and Prejudice? (Minus Mr. Darcy, of course)

5. Birthday greetings flooded my mobile phone inbox and Facebook Wall.

4I was treated by my sister to ASAP Rocks. Saw lots of celebrities up close. Of course, I saw Sam Concepcion, together with the Peter Pan cast.

Surprise (again!) dinner with my siblings and Galleria friends. (And an oversized portrait of me)


  3. I will be watching Peter Pan with my siblings on the 29th! EXCITED! It’ll be my first time to watch a musical. All thanks to the love (and money) of my two working siblings.

 2.    I received lots of surprises during my week-long celebration. Surprise dinners, surprise video greetings, surprise messages, even surprise mishaps. Honestly, I DO NOT like surprises, for the petty reason that I don’t like having my picture taken when I’m in the moment. Haha. But I appreciate surprises, especially when it was carefully planned out by the people that I love.

1.  GOD. Even though the other nine highlights didn’t happen, I’m pretty sure I would’ve still enjoyed my birthday. Everything and everyone else follows. It all starts with God. I am loved by God. He’s the sweetest ever. And I wouldn’t want to spend my birthday without Him.

I love birthdays! 🙂

(Thoughts are everywhere again. Sorry.)