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In a parallel universe


It’s 1:45AM as I write this, and I couldn’t sleep even if I tried. I shouldn’t have downed that strong coffee. So here I am, trying to wear this caffeine off by racking my brain to come up with words that would hopefully translate into something…cool? Idk. 

Thought farts, incoming!!!!


Nice going, Sherlock.

This is the second time that I have been let down by my Sherlock skills (or lack thereof?). Why do I even bother equating myself to and referring to myself as Sherlock Holmes? I suck at this.

Because for the second time, I did not see this coming.

My fingers weaved those words so beautifully that I was sure that your only response would definitely be to wave the white flag and declare my victory. I was a tad bit confident that that piece would win you over. I thought: “After he reads this, I got him, for sure.”.

Embarrassing misplaced confidence.

Because, as I have already established at the beginning of this rambling, my calculations were, again, off. Way off.

You didn’t even budge.

You weren’t even curious.

You remained firm. And, again, not for the reason I wish you were.

Okay, I understand.

In the end, it looks like it is I who should be waving the white flag.

It is probably about time to concede.

Should I give this up now? Do you want me to give up on this?

If you think so, or if you want me to, “Okay. I understand.”.

Just…give me time, time to actually believe myself when I say “Okay, I understand.”. Let me mean it this time.

In a parallel universe…

Okay. Maybe in a parallel universe.

Maybe there, the universe will be kind to us.

The circumstances will be less cruel to us.

The forces beyond our control will be rooting for us instead of tearing us apart.

Maybe in a parallel universe.

But not here, not now.

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